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Passage OneQuestions 11to 15 are based on the following passage.What impact can mobile phones have on their users’ health? Many people worry about the supposed ill effects caused by radiation from handsets and base stations, despite the lack of credible evidence of any harm. But evidence for the beneficial effects of mobile phones on health is rather more abundant. Indeed, a systematic review carried out by Rifat Atun and his colleagues at Imperial College, London, rounds up 150 examples of the use of text-messaging in the delivery of health care. These users fall into three categories: efficiency gains; public-health gains; and direct benefits to patients by incorporating text-messaging into treatment regimes. The study, funded by Vodafone, the world’s largest mobile operator, was published this week.Using texting to boost efficiency is not rocket science, but big savings can be achieved. Several trials carried out in England have found that the use of text-messaging reminders reduces the number of missed appointments with family doctors by 26%-39%, for e根据企业所得税相关规定,板书下列收入属于居民企业不征税收入的是()xample, and the number of missed hospital appointments by 33%-50%. If such schemes were rolled out nationally, this would translate into annual savings of 256 million to 364 million pounds.Text message are also being used to remind patients about blood tests, clinics, scans and dental appointments. Similar schemes in America, Norway and Sweden have had equally satisfying results—though the use of text-message reminders in the Netherlands, where non-attendance rates are low, at 4%, had no effect other than to annoy patients.Text message can also be a good way todisseminate(广泛传播)public-health information, particularly to groups who are hard to reach by other means, such as teenagers, or in developing countries where other means of communication are unavailable. Text messages have been used in India to inform people about the World Health Organization’s strategy to control tuberculosis, for example, and in Kenya, Nigeria and Mali to provide information about HIV and malaria. In Iraq, text messages were used to support a campaign to vaccinate nearly 5 million children againstpolio(小儿麻痹症).Finally, there are the uses of text-messaging as part of a treatment regime. These involve sending reminders to patients to take their medicine at the right time, or to encouragecompliance(遵守) with exercise regimes or efforts to stop smoking. The evidence for the effectiveness of such schemes is generally anecdotal, however, notes Dr. Rifat. More quantitative research is needed—which is why his team published three papers this week looking at the use of mobile phones in health care in more detail. One of these papers, written in conjunction with Victoria Franklin and Stephen Greene of the University of Dundee, in Scotland, reports the results of a trial in which diabetic teenagers’ treatment was backed up with text-messaging.Q:板书We can infer from the study by Rifat Atun and his colleagues that____.

evidence for the beneficial effects of mobile phones on health is abundant

Vodafone is the world’s largest mobile operator

mobile phones have profound ill effects on people’s health

the relation between mobile phones and health is not proved


The most diverse place in the United States is Queens, New York.




Which term usually refers to what is popular at that moment in clothing styles?







【3】.青书学堂: (多选题) 下列哪些是常用的检索途径?( )


【5】.下列选项关于刚性宪法的表述正确的是: D.刚性宪法比柔性宪法灵活|刚性宪法是指制定和修改宪法的机关或程序比普通法律严格|刚性宪法通常是成文宪法|英国是刚性宪法国家

【6】.智慧职教: 按照人口标准里面的性别来细分的话,可以分为男性市场和女性市场,由于生理上的差别,男性和女性在产品需求与偏好上有很大不同。

【7】.出头教育: 整个调查研究中最繁忙的阶段是

【8】.影响能量代谢的因素有( )。





【13】.病原物的侵染过程将顺序包括:: 侵入前期(接触期)、侵入期、发病期、潜育期|侵入前期(接触期)、侵入期、潜育期、发病期|侵入前期(接触期)、潜育期、侵入期、发病期|侵入前期(接触期)、潜育期、发病期、侵入期

【14】.“天下之事,不难于立法,而难于法之必行。”法律的生命力在于: 实施|执法|立法|运行



【17】.中国大学MOOC: 下图所示电路原已处于稳定状态,在t=0时刻发生换路,即开关S闭合,则换路后电容电压稳态值为( )。【图片】

【18】.中国大学MOOC:\"九寨沟国家级自然保护区,位于四川省阿坝九寨沟县境内,是中国第一个以( )自然保护区。\";